Recommended AWS Learning Resources

Besides my YouTube channel, I want to highlight some other useful resources for AWS and Cloud Computing topics.

Free Content

Besides this website, and my Youtube Channel, here are a couple of great resources to learn AWS:

  1. AWS Learning Library
  2. AWS Blog Posts
  3. AWS Whitepapers
  1. The DynamoDB Book by Alex Debrie

The DynamoDB Book is your one stop shop for learning DynamoDB. Whether your a NoSQL veteran or complete newcomer, Alex does a tremendous job of explaining both the basics and advanced DynamoDB patterns. Alex’s premium option also comes with bonus operational content and video commentary on each chapter. You can buy Alex’s book here. Note that this is an affiliate link that helps support both myself and the creator.

  1. Stephane Maarek’s Udemy Courses on AWS are great, especially for those of you looking to train for your AWS certifications. Check them out here
  2. A Cloud Guru is another great resource that provides high quality courses. Check them out here.