My Recording Equipment

As you may have noticed, I have a Youtube Channel called Be A Better Dev where I create content focused on software development and cloud computing. Here’s the gear I use to record.

MicrophoneShure SM 58

My microphone of choice is the Shure SM 58 Dynamic Microphone. Being a dynamic mic, it negates a lot of the echo in rooms with high ceilings – it even helps reduce mechanical keyboard clicking.

I managed to find this package deal including the SM58, a stand, and the XLR to XLR cord you’ll need to plug it into your Audio Interface.

Audio Interface Behringer UM2

In order to produce quality sound, you need an audio interface to convert the audio signal in your microphone to a digital file. The DAC also acts as a dedicated power source for your microphone as opposed to relying on your computer’s USB.

Webcam Logitech c920s

Most of my video material is captured on my Logitech c920s webcam. The c920s supports full 1080 hp and has a built in internal microphone.

CameraFujifilm XS10

More recently I started filming a lot of talking head videos. I wasn’t satisfied and eventually purchase the Fujifilm XS10. Paired with my 35mm lens it takes absolutely stunning video.

Check out this video that I filmed using the XS10.

Camera LensFujifilm 35mm F2

Not much to say about this lens except that it produces video with crisp images and great looking background blur.